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We Provide:

high quality water pumps
deep well pumps
sewage pumps
packaged pump stations for water & waste
grinder & chopper pumps
alternative collection systems
process pumps & systems
U.L. listed control panels & systems



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      iRover Datasheet          Hydronix Brochure          MeterMan Brochure


Fiberglass Wet Well and Valve Vault Hydronix Tri-fold MeterMan TriFold
iRover Mobile HMI
Hydronix Packaged Systems
Tri-Fold Brochure
MeterMan Pump Systems
 Tri-Fold Brochure 
Fiberglass Wet Well and Valve Vault Self Priming Lift Station Vacuum Assist Lift Station
Fiberglass Wet Well and Valve Vault
Self Priming
Vacuum Assist
Fiberglass Retrofit Submiersible Insert  PolyMan Polymer Mixing System Above Ground Valve and Control Vault
Fiberglass Retrofit Submiersible Insert
PolyMan Polymer Mixing System
Above Ground Valve and Control Vault


• Pump Calculators •

Field Testing Pumps & Motors    XLSX (zipped)

Affinity Calculators

Compare pump performance based on changes in RPM, impeller diameter, frequency and pulley diameter. 
Click on the various tabs to view the H/Q curves.

Hertz Calculator   XLSX (zipped)
Pulley Calculator  .XLSX (zipped)
RPM Calculator    .XLSX (zipped)
Trim Calculator     .XLSX (zipped)

Submersible Motor Flow Velocity Calculator     XLS .XLSX (zipped)
Drawdown Calculators: Wet Well: .XLSX (zipped) Wet/ Dry Split Well .XLSX (zipped)NEW!
NEW! Drawdown Calculator for Rectangle Tank: .XLSX (zipped)
Wire to Water Energy Calculator .XLS .XLSX (zipped)
VSPAnalysis .XLS .XLSX (zipped)
NEW!  VSPAnalysis with Suction Pressure: .XLSX (zipped)
Pump Cycle Time Calculator  .XLS .XLSX (zipped)
Radial Thrust Calculator  .XLS .XLSX (zipped)
Suction Calculators - Suction Specific Speed and Suction Energy  .XLS .XLSX (zipped)
Variable Speed Pump Analyzer - 50 Hz (.xls)
Variable Speed Pump Analyzer - 60 Hz (.xls)
Variable Frequency Parallel Pump Analyzer (Beta)  .XLS .XLSX (zipped)

 • Article Reprints •

Reprint of Packaged Systems Feature article from Pumps & Systems magazine July 2011

February 2010 Pumps & Systems: Suction Calculators

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Download Vertical Turbine Mechanical Seals Slide Deck (May 2009) - PDF Version

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