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Municipal Applications

PumpTech has been providing the best solutions for our neighborhoods, businesses and cities for the past 30+ years. We service cities and towns of all sizes providing for their municipal water systems, storm water, irrigation, sewage needs, control panels, drainage and sub-surface water management. We offer new system installations, retrofits, on-site repairs or pick-up for repairs at our shop. Our applications include pumping, blending, disinfection, solids separation, flow/level monitoring, motor control, filtration and process analyzation.

We work with the largest cities in the Pacific Northwest across Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. We have in-house engineers and planners that can provide and review specifications, OEM’s, provide CAD drawings, PE stamp load calculations, provide pump curves and 3D drawings and so much more!


Industrial Applications

PumpTech has a long history of working in industrial markets especially food processing, pulp and paper and chemical feed. By representing the best manufacturers and being one of the largest representatives in the Northwest we can provide you with a variety of options and the most experienced sales staff.

We know that our industrial clients work under tight parameters. We are dedicated to helping by increasing your production uptime and reducing operational and maintenance costs. PumpTech offers an emergency response service team, maintenance plans, and a full range of parts kept in stock.

Process / Treatment Solutions

Whether you’re pro-actively protecting our natural resources or being directed to, we understand how difficult it can be to wade through different legal requirements. We provide environmental consulting services that provide a wide array of solutions from chemical pumping systems, ultraviolet water purification, sand filtration, or reverse osmosis to name a few. We’ve worked with fish hatcheries, food sanitation, oil spills and understand the challenges that come with government agency oversight. With a full line of process equipment to include Johnson Screen, Aqseptance, Filtronics, AirVac and others, you’ll find the most comprehensive one-stop shop here at PumpTech.

PumpTech Engineered System

PumpTech Engineered Systems (PES)

PumpTech Engineered Systems offers design services with an in-house engineering team including licensed PE’s. Our process and quality controls insures our packaged pumping systems are designed right the first time. Our PES engineers utilize state of the art 3D models in SolidWorks. AS an OEM we have the flexibility to specify the equipment you want. From pumps to valves to flow control, we build your station to suit your specific needs. Every station we build is listed by UL, as a complete packaged pumping system. All of our control panels are listed as UL508 or UL698A intrinsically safe.

We also design, manufacture and service chemical metering systems and components. From the tank to the injection quill, we take pride in providing quality products, exceptional service, and competitive prices. All PES come with a complete set of O&M manuals that include a drawing package with electrical and mechanical 2D and 3D drawings. Our PES systems arrive on site ready to go.

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